Hi guys, fitted the EVO can at the weekend and decided to remove it again after a ride, it was bloody deafening to ride and I feel it draws too much attention to me!
Especially the couple of traffic Old Bill who were stood by their car blocking a road where a tractor trailer full of shit had upturned. I could see them thinking "I'd love to nick that noisy bastard if we weren't stuck here" !
So I ended up wrestling the guts out of the inlet end of my standard can for an hour before re-fitting that.
I hadn't realised that wasn't done. I did look and see the ECU wire had been snipped and it 100% must have had the intake trumpet out as it's bloody loud that end.
Overall, I think it runs pretty good now, feels just as quick as the other can and it don't drown out the induction noise, so an hour well spent, although I was surprised it hadn't already been done.
I've stuck the other one on ebay now, I will put an ad on here see if a fellow member wants a bargain?