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Thread: Akrapovic cans

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    Akrapovic cans

    I have taken the plunge and will be picking up my new RSV1000R in a few days. How much difference will the Akrapovic slip on cans make? With the baffles in place, are they much louder than the standard cans? Is there a noticeable increase in power? Does map 2 work okay whether the baffles are in place or removed?
    It would be nice to release some of that lovely v twin sound and more power is always good, but I am wondering if the gains are worth the 600 cost.

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    Hi.The power increase will big not very big,you have to activate the map 2,and the sound depends if you get legal slip ons or the race slip on,but anyway it will be beter then stock.And you got more makes apart of akrapovic,have you seen the Devil slip ons?They look great on your bike,and much cheaper then akrapovic.

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    carbon kid
    The dual akras are a bit on the quiet side 96 DB? and the outlets are tiny. The single Akra race can is lovely and the evo single can is outrageously loud.
    Renegades and arrow dual systems sound ace, and so do Tigcrafts(if you can afford them)
    Akra race cans(single) can give you some big power gains.
    whatever you go for, dont get carbon cans, they wont last long cos of the power pulses, Ti is yer best option IMHO.

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    The cans will add 2-3 bhp at the top end but upto 10bhp to the mid range and you will need to have map 2 intalled, especially if you take the dB killers out. Even then they are not too loud. Much lighter than the OEM ones as well.

    Best bit about the Akras,especially if you go for the Aprillia Racing ones is that they are a genuine accessory so won't invalidate your warranty.

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    I have a twin set of Aprillia Rac cans on my bike and they sound perfect without the baffle in. They are not too loud, look good and are lighter.

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