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Thread: Hello from a New Guy w/ RSV question...

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    Hello from a New Guy w/ RSV question...

    Hello out there.

    Just registered here. My name is Norris (NorDog). I ride a 07 S4RS Duc and an 05 Superglide Sport.

    I have a tech question.

    It's my friend's birthday. He really wants a Zero Gravity Dark Smoke windscreen for his 2000 (and a half) RSV Mille.

    So, I'm looking around online to see if I can find one as a gift.

    I've found lots of stuff for the RSV Mille R for 2000 and 2001, but nothing for a "non-R" RSV Mille and nothing for a "2000 and a half". Heck, I've not even seen anything with a mid year designation like that.

    I suspect the windscreen of the 2000 RSV "R" will fit fine. Can anyone here confirm?

    BTW, I love the sound of my TC88 H-D with a 2into1 D&D FatCat exhaust, and I REALLY love the sound of my S4RS with full Termi kit. But both of these pale in comparison to the glorious sound that comes from my friend's RSV with dual can Arrows! When he gets on the throttle there's this amazing "FRRRRRAAAP!!"

    You know, I gotta get one o' these some day!

    Anyway, if anyone can help with the tech question I will appreciate it much.


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    Here you go fella, try these people. Scroll down to the screens

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    Trade the Duc in for a nice RSV matey, you will not be disappointed.

    Welcome to the zone...goodluck finding yer mates screen.

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