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Thread: Riding in the wet

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    Riding in the wet

    Im off to the TT09 and will be expecting riding in the rain

    Is it true that the RSvs dont like the rain and it wanks up the dash ?

    Is there anything else that I can do to protect the electrical joints??

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    If your going out in the rain or wet then you have to prepare your bike for the conditions.

    Do a search for Dow Cornings DC4 electrical grease, you need to pump this in to all your electrical connector plugs, it stops water ingress and terminal corrosion.

    Oh and lastly make sure your roadside recovery is up to date. LOL

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    I leave mine outside uncovered every day, ride it rain/snow m-ways and London blast.

    Never cleaned her ever. Never greased electrics. Starts on the button every time.

    Replaced the starter solenoid twice, yammy now. Put oil in it when it rattles and put fuel in it when it stops.

    And I rag the fuck out of her....

    Hey Amb. Back for a few weeks fancy a blast?

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    I found some where to buy this stuff link below

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    Good find Tim, nice and cheap too.

    Flick, bikes in bits at the moment, would love a ride out if the weather improves.

    We'll see what it's like for next weekend, will build it back up this week. (Just in case)

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