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Thread: Which front brake pads?

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    Which front brake pads?

    Alright lads,

    What front brake pads do you use?

    I'm changing the fluid for dot4racing fluid but I wanna know what pads you use?

    I've seen these Gold Fren HH Sintered pads for 30 delivered for the full set. Seems a bit cheap anyone know if their any good?


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    Don't buy CHEAP HH pads, they are reputedly shite, and EBC's will probably only cost about a tenner more.
    There is always genuine, but being a virgin on buying anything from an Aprilai dealer as yet, I don't know if they are reasonable or extortionate I'm afraid.
    Someone will recite the price shortly.....

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    I did price it up at the dealers and they wanted 70 told them to eat shit!!

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    The 4 pads required per caliper usually cost around ?40-70 depending upon make OEM/EBC etc. I used some 'cheap' HH pads on my previous RSVR and wasn't that happy with them (they were ok but the brakes lacked the feel they had before the change), so would suggest going for as close to original specification as possible. Look at it this way, the engine braking on these monsters means the pads last longer than on an in-line 4, so you won't have to shell out too often!

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    EBC HH or SBS , its your life so put some value into your brakes :-)

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    oe brembos are expensive but the best close second are SBK5 carbon lorraines, the calipers are awesome why put crap pads in?

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    I use Bendix pads on mine and there really excellent!! Here's the spec/advert...."These are the highest quality pads available and are competition road race spec.

    The stopping power is awesome with these pads and the brake fade is reduced. The feel you get from these pads is superb, definately the market leader in pad technology.

    Superb pads from the best known name in brakes"!

    Have a look here....29.95 + 3.50 P&P.....Really good pads and good price (good enough for me at the "Ring"!!)


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    I spent 115 on a set of pads this year coz i wanted to stop as quickly as possible on the track, Brembo originals are damn good, a bit expensive but what value do you put on stopping safely, do yourself a favour and don't buy cheap pads, a mate of mine always say's "Buy cheap pay twice" but it could be your life you pay with don't skimp on yer brakes fella

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    Ive read somewhere that these brake pads are shite (gold Fren) either on this forum or the AF1 racing. I'd back the rest up, buy decent because when you need to stop they need to work! plus if its 70 quid a set, its better than your excess!

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    I'd add recommendation for the Bendix SS pads

    EBC HHs feel good initially but this goes off quite quickly and they overheat on the track

    Carbone Lorraine SBK3s were BRILLIANT on track but lethal on the road as they struggled to get hot enough

    Bendix & Carbone Lorraine A3s feel very similar
    Work very well on track (no fade and a nice 'carbon' feel to them whereby they grip better as they get hotter)
    But they also work well in the wet and when cold on the road

    Hope this helps

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