planing some mods so got bike dyno tested today so i knew what i was starting with on power and fuel. bikes healthy according the guy there. bit rich but thinks that might be different at speed. 03 rsv with evo titanium and chip with standard air filter still was producing 119 bhp and 75ft/lbs with a fairly flat line on the fuel air mix but around 12 not 13. what is this 13 figure it should be at?
would put picture on but dont know how to keeps asking for url

as any body got there charts on so i can compare.

just bought a air box of ebay so i can butcher it to make a bigger one and do anoter dyno run.will post pictures and results. also doing other mods but one at a time with a run between. quite suprised thought dyno was 40 quid for some reason 25 quid means i dont mind messing around with a one mod at a time.
does the new rsv have variable velocity stacks or was that a modded bike ive seen.planning a home made version for my 03 if anyones tried this some info would be appreciated. thanks