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Thread: A walk in a park or was it??

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    A walk in a park or was it??

    Decided to do an easy one today since I had the time:
    - Get rid of the old chain
    - Clean the rear swing arm
    - Take out the wheels for a change
    Rear end went easy chain was cut in less than 5" and wheel was off in 10"
    Front end..
    Tire had a dot mark from year 2004 so I assumed it had been there for some time as the millage from last summer indicated when i bought her.
    Left hand side brake caliber needed some heating but the bolts came off eventually.
    Right hand side caliber was stuck big time:
    - I tried CRC, WD40 and heat in variable cycles no help and the hex was ruined.
    - I tried force with different hardened heads i had to the wrench - nothing helped.
    2 hrs waisted....

    My mate from next door came to garage and we ended up drilling the rh side bold away. After that the remains could be taken from the caliber with fingers.

    Front mud guard same thing - all the hex ends were ruined because they were stuck big time.
    An other 1hr waisted....

    Lesson learned:
    - Steel and alloy they do not match if they are together for too long....
    Ordered titanium bolts for front caliber and not for the weight reasons.
    - I will use some grease behind the front caliber bold and thread lock in the thread that goes to the caliber.
    - Mud guard bolts will be replaced with alloy ones and lubricant is used.

    Now i have the rims in back of my car cleaned and waxed for a tyre change tomorrow.
    I needed to take the rh side brake disc off to get the rim and wheel out of the front fork. To have more space for operation.

    - Good to have mates around to help you.

    I have the both wheels in a back of my car for change tomorrow and no damage was done to Öhlins of Brembo - so after all we were successful, but it did take some effort

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    That sounds like a typical servicing day for me, starts off as a good idea then it turns into ONE OF THEM JOBS that takes forever.

    Todays episode of "Arrsemille" started with him tightening the sidestand and ended up shearing the switch bolt.

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    It's good to hear stories like this. It makes me feel like I aint the only one that never has a job go to plan!

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    It`s amazing how soft the caliber bolts are... Some kind of metal they are since they are magnetic. On a snap on tool no marks what so ever, but the bolt hex ruined.

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    If you got snap on tools then you have too much money Haha

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