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Thread: Crash bungs v. torque settings

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    Crash bungs v. torque settings

    Just bought a set of crash bungs from this guy (Race Supplies Direct) on Ebay.
    Tried to torque them to factory engine bolt settings but they wouldn't make it - looked like the bolt head was trying to pull through the washer.
    I emailed him and he got straight back to me with this:

    "Hello Mate,you wont get factory torque settings with bolts that long,they
    will stretch too much.It is a different thing now to the assembly it was
    before.If you are going to pull them up that hard I will have to make some
    alloy inserts to go through the plastic,but I still wouldnt use that much
    torque on them.The elasticity of the bolt is different to the shorter
    factory ones,but I would think it is a better quality,they are the best we
    can buy.Let me know if you want me to make you another set of plastics with
    sleeves in,I will send them out on the next post run.We dont use them,but
    some people like them.Our bikes do a whole year of road races,including the
    Manx.I just pull them up to a sensible hand tightness,when we strip new
    bikes here I have never found it takes more than a short Allen key to undo
    the engine bolts.Some of the torque settings that manufactures give in
    their manuals seem a bit strong.They certainlny dont seem to use them when
    they build the bikes in the factory.Let me know if you want another set of
    plastics,I am about here all afternoon.I will get a set out to you."

    Sounds feasible, especially as I know that Aprilia can be a bit heavy on their published torque setting (like the rear wheel nut).

    Any thoughts or observations? Anyone else bought these?

    I certainly like his customer service.
    Going to try them on my track trip and see what happens. If they're OK, you might like to note that they cost me just 30 posted and they look quality, with turned alloy spigots, cutouts for the fairing edge, ect.

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    carbon kid
    sounds all fairy nuff to me dude.

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    Formerly GazP, but still a twat for asking crashtd to change his username. :-P Hollow Man's Avatar
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    I used these guys before and their crash bungs..saved a lot of damage when I binned my R6. He was even on hand when I fitted them as I had a question.

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    Thanks guys. Carl seems a pretty upstanding type so I'll relax and not be so anal about the torque settings. Mind you, it was some bugger on here that shamed me into buying a bleedin' torque wrench in the first place.

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