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Thread: Wind up For Bad-boy

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    Wind up For Bad-boy

    Most of us think that there is nothing finer that a semi dressed lady laying over a great bike....::pumpkin

    I thought Id get Badboy...sorry I mean fat-boy going with this one, this really gets him going.....

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    I'm edging towards the young lady on the bike but could be swayed with a custard cream cake.


    Was chatting to Hooked tonight, said you guys had a good ride up to London the other week. Let us know when your next out and if my bikes all built up I'll be out, if you don't mind.

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    your more than welcome to come out for a blast mate.....but dont tell Bad boy you like cakes...or he will get the hump and might not invite you again..

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    I stayed over at badboys before the france trip 1st class service !

    He needs to put a fan in the bathroom room !!


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    Fella,them cakes would look so much better if your mrs was all over your bike & them on her chest,mmmmmmmmmmmm,yummmmmmy,luv ya like a brother..

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