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Thread: Triple clamps and headbearings

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    Talking Triple clamps and headbearings

    Hey all,
    Anyone know where i can get what appears to be a giant size allen wrench for to remove my top triple? I want to replace my Vortex clip ons that pinch my fingers with the originals.
    Secondly, what all is entailed in tightening my stearing head bearings? A tech at the dealer took her for a ride and said they are in need of adjustment.

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    hello matey, any half decent tool store will carry them or for a cheaper option - if you have a welder is to tack a nut the right size to a bolt and hey presto new tool

    Once you remove the top triple you'll have exposed the castle nut underneath its just a case of pinching them up - but be careful not to overtighten them.


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    Try Halfords..I bought one for mine from them. It's 15mm key on a 1/2"socket ( well mine is) I think they call them a radiator key ....about 3

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    Halfords may not work for our "Merican" cousins, especially in Minneapolis ??

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    Yes gentleman, I have never heard of Halfords. Is it run by your gay citizen Rob that sings for Judas Priest? Ha Ha! Seriously though, I have tried a couple places and they don't carry any larger than what comes in a standard set. Any suggestions where I could just order one online?

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