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Thread: new to this forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeeslot View Post
    I'll make sure our Administrator from our forum pays a visit (I bet he's already signed up). Raptor is a wizz with our forum. I just hang on and try to be of some use as a moderator.

    So the suggestions will have to come from him.

    My 2 cents: start with larger images and when the forum grows too big you just downsize them and get back to the size you're allowing now.

    And I tried to say your job out loud, and my wife slapped me over the head and said: "drank too much again, you foul mouth"
    but with that lovely dutch accent we've grown to know and love, right?
    (for all you americans, try and picture chewbacca, with a really bad head sounds pretty similar at least the den haag accent did )


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    Just glad to have all you guys on board!

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