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Thread: Fuel pump questions !!!

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    Question Fuel pump questions !!!

    Q1...Does the fuel pump ALWAYS make a whirring noise when you turn the key and then turn on kill switch?

    In my experience it always does.
    but it didn't last time i started it.
    BUT bike STILL fired up and started straight away with full choke.
    Well actually caught it second time.

    let the bike run for a while then put away again.

    Battery ok! kept on optimate all the time.

    Q2...Could the fuel pump be sticking in a cold garage when the bike hasn't been turned over for 8 weeks ?

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    I don't use the kill switch that often but when i turn the bike off with it, the next time i start it the following happens.....

    Key in ignition on.. No fuel pump whirr... Press the kill switch to allow ignition... Still no pump priming... Try the starter and it starts just as normal?

    So in my case the same thing happens as your saying. I ride the bike everyday so i don't know if there is maybe some residual pressure in the system which lets it start easily with appearantly no priming. So if left for a week or so between starts maybe it wouldn't fire so easily?? That is pure guess though.

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    The pump will only whirr if there isn't enough fuel pressure in the fuel lines, which is most of the time from cold but sometimes if it's been turned on a few times in quick succession it won't

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    That puts my mind at rest over xmas now anyway.

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    yep my 02 dose the same it is a normal op long live yellow..

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