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Thread: Fork seal's popped

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    Fork seal's popped

    well popped one of my fork seal's today and lost loads of fluid on the tire

    i have seen somewhere that original ohlins seals are stupidly priced or maybe I'm wrong.

    so just need to know if there not where in the UK am i able to get a set from and what weight fork oil am i best putting in ?

    and if the ohlins ones are stupidly over priced is there an alternative ?

    my bike is a 03 rsv1000 R with radial calipers

    many tanks


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    Hi there,just done my fork service,Harris performance fork seal 6.71 & litre of Ohlins R&T 43 fork fluid for 20.the seal are the new twin lip type

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    seals are only expensive when you get them from Aprilia. They hike the price big time. They rarely fail, it's normally an inverted lip from a dry fork leg after a layup or dirt on the lip that makes them leak.

    The oem fluid is an Ohlins 7.5wt but it's nearer everyone elses 5wt in terms of visocity.
    i run Ohlins 5 wt in mine and it suits me. Stick with Ohlins if you can oil wise as thicknesses between brands varies big time.

    I had a chart somewhere showing actual oil viscosity and a Bel ray 10wt was as thick as Ohlins 20 wt which must confuse the hell out of people.

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    i remember havin a discussion with spoonz about this before mate, he's on the money with this one!
    We do give people the option in our workshops but i would also recommend that use ohlins road and track sus fluid, a lot of people invest a lot of time into suspension rightly so, these forks come withthis oil in it for a reason i reckon!

    its what i use in mine, so i would recommend this also!

    harris are the importers for ohlins so thet sell the stuff at the price it should be, not Aprilia prices theyre the middleman in this particular gig!

    hope this helps dude

    p.s how did you get on withthe vents your searching for??

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    Did I read somewhere that Suzuki seals fit as well but last a lot longer? GSXR1000 ones are ringing a bell?

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    Yes suzuki 43mm seals fit and last ages because they are double lipped. They do add stiction to the fork though which is why Ohlins only use single lip seals.

    The newer design Ohlins seals are less prone to problems with the key being to keep the legs clean and don't leave the forks unmoved for long periods because the movement lubricates the seal lip and prevents it inverting.
    When you fit new seals you are meant to smear a small amount of seal grease on the lip to help prevent it happening.

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    i've fitted the suzuki k3 fork seals on mine. Thay are mint now and don't leak.

    I can't notice any difference in the sticktion tbh.

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