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Thread: Whats Missing?

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    Whats Missing?

    Whilst cleaning the rear of my bike, i noticed the lower right hand side rear part of the bellypan of the bodywork ( where the link pipe comes out of ) has screw holes in it, but there not secured to anything, and it's flapping about.......

    I don't want it to break off so was wondering if anyone knows what should be in there to hold it in place?

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    Take a photo M8 its easier for us to diagnose.

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    You have a small piece of bodywork missing, don't worry too much it's not an expensive bit.

    You can get them from Aprilia for under 20.

    I'll post a piccie when I can find one.

    Having problems attaching images at the moment, check out this link - Click Me

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    if its where i think it is there is a small plastic surround that goes round your exhaust like a cover

    beat me to it amb

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    When I bought my bike in July this bit was flapping around and was sitting on the link pipe.

    Only reason I noticed was because I could smell burning plastic.

    Mines slightly melted now and as it's hidden away it will stay that way. Unless I get good at making carbon fibre and it may be converted.

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    I've just bought one from these guys click 13.54 inc vat and postage, and delivered in a week part #1 on the drawing.

    If yours is missing you will also need to buy the clips too, part #5 (two of them)
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    This is where i have the holes,

    does the part in the photo bolt to that and then to the otherside of the bellypan somewhere?

    Cheers for the info so far

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    thats the part awright slips in behind the exhaust and allen head bolts go thru the fairing holes and bolt to the speed nuts on the black shield

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