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    re: clutch

    I bled my clutch and still no torque! it spins on the jack stands though but no torque on gear! I just want to make sure that it's my clutch plates before I fuck with it tomorrow. So when you apply pressure on the clutch pin you activate the clutch right? so if you take the clutch cylinder out it should be on gear constantly? I just want to make sure. Excuse my ignorance .thanks

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    Mick Oliver
    If you take the slave cylinder off you should have full drive if there is very little drive you have a slipping clutch and would need to stip and see if the plates are badly worn if so just change the plates and possible check the spring length.
    Sorry I am going a bit fast the springs are a special length but if they are weak they will be shorter than original.
    Once again can still be the oil because if any one puts additives in to help the engine run smoother with less friction it will make the clutch slip.
    If anyone uses car oil it has slipping agents in it but a car has an external clutch but a bike has a wet clutch which means it runs in oil.
    So before you got to far you could check oil level and possibly change oil and filter if you dont know what you have got in there.

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    lol stupid me I added half a quart of Car oil 10w-40 in emergency before adding the yamaha 10w-40 ... Could that be causing this crap? how long and hard is to inspect the plates and put it back? thanks I'm planning to empty the oil and let bike sit for while to dry the clutch and run the bike for a few seconds to see if the clutch works again. Correct me before I burn some shit. lol

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    Chances are you will have contaminated the friction plates by now, that's why it no longer drives.

    Best bet is to drain the oil completely replace the filter then refill with the correct oil.

    This may be enough to revive your friction plates, worst case scenario is that you have to replace your friction plates too.

    If you do then go for a Barnett clutch kit - excellent bit of kit.

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    Just a quicky, but if you've put a mix of car and yamaha oil like you said, then you'd be best off taking the plates out for an inspection and roughen them up as the plates will now be contaminated. Then get yourself some 15-50 semi synthetic (lots of posts on the zone as to the different makes being used) and a new filter and refill as per the manual. The whole process shouldn't take you too long

    Out of interest, what made you put car oil in the bike?

    Also, do you know which oil the previous owner ran?

    Take a read of this thread clutch issues and this one oils

    Good luck

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    thank you guys . I ran the bike with no oil and there is still no drive/torque. I popped the clutch cover and inspected my plates. It turned to be my friction plates they were worn out and most of them had missing friction pads. I flushed all the oil as much as I could from the system however I still cannot get that bitchy magnetic bolt out I need my buddies torque drill or a big metal rod on that allen key for leverage to bend it out like an Olympic jumper. lol so guys can I use synthetic oil instead of semi synthetic if I flush the whole system. Why should I use semi oil Cat can you tell me? thanks

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