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Thread: Air Box Mods

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    Mick Oliver

    Air Box Mods

    Hi guys
    I was speaking to one of my mates about the air box and he said that you should seal all the rubber tubes from the ram air with silicone and also open up the size of the inlet pipe into the box.
    He was saying it is like a 1" inlet into the box which is very restrictive and you take out the restriction and open it fully.
    If this is possible does it work and has anyone done it.
    Also mine is a 2002 with blue flame twin outlet does mine have a replaceable E chip if it does I presume its inside the ECU is there a good one to get as I have seen some on E bay for 20 or is it best to get a Power Commander bearing in mind its a lot of money for a power commander about 250.

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    Mick, firstly do not buy the chips from Ebay. The standard chip is one of the best and there really is no need to replace it. Just make sure the ECU wire snip derestriction has been carried. Do a search and you'll find all you need to know

    The airbox inlet boot on the 2001 to 2003 models is a little restrictive and some owners fit the earlier 1998 to 2001 model airbox inlet boot. They come up on ebay from time to time. As for sealing the tubes, it won't make any noticeable difference as any ram air effect is really only applicable at very high bike speeds

    The best mods to any pre 2003.5 RSV Mille is to fit a good exhaust can which you've done, maybe fit an airbox kit such as the homer ewe kit, change to gearing from the standard 17/42 to 16/44 with new 110 link chain or just fit a 15 tooth front sprocket keeping the standard rear sprocket and chain and finally for more power and smoother running fit a power commander and get a custom map set up by an good dyno centre.

    Finally make sure your brakes are spot on with instant bite and feel and get your suspension set up for your weight. There isn't much else that needs touching from here
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    Get the inlet rubber from a 2000 bike, it is less restrictive. The silicon is a bit un-necessary.
    Do a search on airbox mods, that will tell you all you need to know and put some ideas into your head at the same time!
    Forget the chip, do the airbox mods, buy a PCIII and get a custom map installed. That's worth every penny and will give you a good torque curve and optimum fuellng.
    Hope that helps a bit.

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    Bugger. LEGS you posted whilst I was typing. Never mind, great minds and all that.

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    TT haha, great minds indeed.

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    I too have a blueblame twin outlet pipe,did the 16/44 gearing,badgger air box mod,the thing flys now.
    I would like a powercommander and custom map,but lost my job before xmas,so its on hold until i have the funds.

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