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Thread: Can a 99 fuel tank

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    Can a 99 fuel tank

    Be used on a 2003 bike?
    I need a tank in any condition to complete my trackday set-up and am struggling to find a cheap tank. The only ones that are going for anything like sensible money are pre 2001.
    I know the trim bits are different but I'm not interested in the cosmetic aspects of it.
    Over to the knowledge base!!

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    So will it or won't it fit peeps?

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    Anything will fit with a run up ;-)

    I imagine you could make it fit on the mountings but it wouldnt be the same profile.

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    Not 100% sure to be honest TT. I would have thought the tank will fit as the frames are esentially the same but i would expect the seat and under seat side panels would have to be replaced too as they are different for early to later bikes

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    I belive a 03 will work.I have a 00 track day tank on my 02. but its the side panles that wont work.but you can modefi the pannles to work as I did.

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