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Thread: latest Barnett Clutch Kit?

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    latest Barnett Clutch Kit?

    which one is the updated version? What distinguishes the new one from the old one? is it the material on the friction plates? I noticed the solid friction plates are those the new ones? Which should I get for my 2000 RSV Mille? I have Engine # 69XXXX so I don't need to updated the pressure plate right? thanks

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    Ring up Barnett themselves for a definitive answer.

    Here's the link

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    Yeah ring em up superyellow I might be needing some myself soon ( and mines a 2000 ). My clutch was slipping so I stripped it down to clean/rough up the plates a little, but haven't tried it out yet

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    I had done already they are closed until the 5th. oh crap. oh boy that yellow is so sexy! sometimes I wonder is it me attracting all the chicks with my animal magnetism or is it that Super Yellow? roflmao I stripped mine too and it was like a dog took a dump in there. lol
    that explains the problems i was having.

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