Getting ready to take the bike to IOM this year and will need a rear seat so I can strap down my panniers.
Been looking about for a while now and the seats go for stupid money. I know not many about (Supply and demand)

Im as some of you will know by now a bit of a tight arse. well my wife is really so im going to have a bash at making my own seat.

Already have some top seat foam in the garage so its only the baseplate and the cover.

Not sure what I will cover it yet, going down to my local leather repair shop tomorrow to see whats about.

The main question is what do you guys recommend to make the basplate out of? Was thinking fibrglass or even perpex or find a duff seat cowl and ripp the base of that.

If anyof you guys got a rear seat cowl thats stuffed and would a fit a 99 then please let me know. must be cheap

Will post up some pics when im done.