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Thread: I want more power

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    I want more power

    My bike is bog standard, and as im only using it on track now im wanting more out of it, its just not fast enough (compared to all the new kit out there) I've downgeared it to 15/44 will see how that goes (haven't ridden it like this yet)

    So I'm looking for a PC3 and also when it comes to Air box mod/upgrades I am clueless, so where do I start? do I modify my own or get a new bigger airbox or something? any links would be great.

    The main thing that'll hopefully help me go faster is that I'm stripping my suspension, giving it to either MC technics or K-tech to get it setup, also someone suggested to me that southern cross know what there doing with suspension and I should give them a punt first?

    but I thought ohlins internals in the forks and the rear shock setup should help.

    Any advice on the airbox thingy would be great, ta.

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    more power dont we all.check out hooked he is making some high flow air boxes .and they look smashing and they are at a real good price.. donnie

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    Check in for sale section. Hooked has some open air kits for sale at a very reasonable price. This combine with the new gearing should make a difference. Good luck

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    Get Griff to rebuild your enginge with the 1060 kit !! :-).
    I believe that with a 1060 kit, airbox, power commander etc etc you could see 154 Bhp at the rear wheel :-)

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    don at southern cross does know his onions mate no question! give them a call!

    To mod your bike, iwould suggest the following steps!

    gearing ( cheap )
    pc3 to tie everything together!

    then suspension to tune the chassis!

    if you want anymore then its major engine work !

    hope this helps??


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