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Thread: HID conversion

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    Mick Oliver

    HID conversion

    Could anyone explain the difference in these HID different wattage H7

    Went to get one off E bay but thought I would get the Car ones as 2 sets but then someone sells with small control units

    Are they a straight plug in from old bulb to unit and new unit to fit in place of the bulb

    I sure someone here will be able to explain or suggest a supplier at the right price even if I buy a car set

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    Right, here we go.
    The wattage of the unit works the same a conventional lamps.
    A 35w HID set outputs less light than a 55w kit.
    The colour of the light emitted is measured in Kelvin. The lower the number the whiter the light emitted by the lamp. The highter, the more blue/purple it becomes.
    A 10 000K HID sets emit a purpleish light, great for chavvy GTIs but no good for seeing where you're going.
    The best compromise is around the 6000K spectrum. I personally run a 5000k set up which emits a very similar colour light to a conventional halogen lamp but emits far, far more light.
    Fitting a kit is pretty straight forward, as long as you can take your fairing off and plug/insulate some wires you'll be fine.
    Try to get a kit with a small ballast if possible. I paid 40 for my set from Hong Kong. It has a very small ballast which I've stuck below and to the right of the headlight plastics with mastic, you cannot see it unless it's pointed out and I've hidden all the wiring.

    If you need any advice whilst doing it, let me know. Good luck.

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    good info...this is deff going to be one of my mods for this next season. Can't put a price on safety

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