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Thread: rather happy now

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    rather happy now

    had a meeting on saturday morning with 3 other mates

    looked at some maps
    planned some routes
    checked on accomadation
    found all to be very well priced
    with vacancies
    agreed on ammount of days travel

    End result

    Were off to monza for the WSB in may

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    Hey Cheesy ,

    What sort of money did this work out to ?...going to the TT in May but hoping to catch something abroad later in there year..

    hopefully one of these below but would rather Italy.

    September 6: Germany (Nürburgring) - SBK SSP STK

    September 27: Italy (tba) - SBK SSP

    October 4: France (Magny-Cours) - SBK SSP STK

    October 25: Portugal (Portimão) - SBK SSP STK

    Thanks...too lazy too look into it at the moment

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