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Thread: Traction war - twin vs inline4 vs bigbang

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    Traction war - twin vs inline4 vs bigbang

    Hey Guys

    Really curious after reading a test on the new BIGBANG Yamaha R1

    One journo has compared the feel to that of a VTWIN engine, Kawasaki are looking at the new ZX10R having a better layout (540% cycle) BIGBANG engine next year.

    Can I assume that our RSV's (along with other twins) have near the best configuration for traction, and hence corning exit traction compared to standard IL4's

    I am not talking about low down power, as the litre IL4 bikes can now pump out awesome low end power. I am talking how the engine gets the power to the ground, for instance on a wet road, are we at an advantage as far as getting power to the ground better than the standard IL4.

    If anyone could shed some light on this that would be great.

    Cheers Pete

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    Twins have generally been kinder to tyres in a race format. The tyre having more time to recover between power pulses than a 4 and the power being more linear than a 4.

    In theory the big bang is the compromise between the 2. A firing order that gives more torque and is kinder to tyres but the rev ceiling of a 4.
    How it works in a road format only time will tell.

    Honda etc will probably go the v4 route i suspect similar to Aprilia

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    Shame that they dont go down the Norton route with a rotary engine!!

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    2,522 sounds good dunnit!!!

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    mmmmmmmmmm a rotary powered Aprilia :-)

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    NICE! Rotary Aprilia! heck yeah! I could literally establish my very own local Aprilia ROTARY Club! ROFLMAO Do you guys have the tech specs on that Rotary motor! I wanna see it!

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    282 got it! it was on the end of the video! my bad!

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