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Thread: who knows about throttle bodies?

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    who knows about throttle bodies?

    I've come across a set of 57mm throttle bodies from an '05 factory R. I've heard they can be fitted to a 2000 Mille R but I wondered how much hassle/set up that takes, if they bolt straight in with minimum fuss or if it's a nightmare.

    I'm going to fit a renegage kit and I was looking around for some shotgun pipes off the SP if anyone knows anyone that has them in good nick.

    Also, does anyone know what the gain is likely to be from the throttle bodies? I'm running a standard except for filter, aprilia titanium race can with the eprom chip, one tooth smaller at the front (i think) - also on the subject of gearing; what is standard sprocket set up and what's the best combination F and R?

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    they can be fitted

    you need the conversion leads as the injector plugs are different
    And you need to block off the stepper motor holes on bodies

    job done

    standard gearing is 17/42

    lots of variations i personally run 16/44

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    57mm tb's is usually a bit of a gain mid - top and a bit of a loss/maybe no change bottom - mid.

    You will probably need to enlarge the hole in the airbox slightly as well to accomodate the bigger size.

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    Petroleum Pete has also fitted them to his - he may be able to tell you.

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