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Thread: hand control positions

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    hand control positions

    I'm just wondering if the switchgear on the handlebars is pegged in position like most other bikes?.....
    Reason I ask is everytime I go for the indicators I hit the horn , so they need rotating slightly , bit if they are pegged , im stuffed.

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    I think you can turn them but the clutch master cylinder is attached independantly to the switch gear thus can only be rotated so far.

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    Yes mate I had the same problem.

    Take the switchgear off and pull out the small brass peg then refit the switchgear and place it in a position that suits you.

    The clamping force of the switch gear is more than enough to keep it in place.

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    Ahhhh I thought it was just me!!!!! 'beep'

    Thanks all 'beep' I shall do this job at the 'beep' weekend 'beep'

    god that is annoying 'beep'


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    yeah like amb67 said they are pegged but it can be done if you wanna lock it a blob of no nails perhaps inside the housing before re fitting but not really needed .......

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    half the problem is the horn is positioned where the indicator switch is on every other bike make!. Its normally on the bottom instead of the middle, i have to admit i am a serial horn presser!

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    thanks for the info lads

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    Shake n Bake
    I've disconnected the horn after so many times slowing down quickly (therefore having pressure on your hands) and fumbling for the indicator and making that stupid fart of a horn sound. My thinking is if you can't hear my Scorpion exhaust coming the horn is not going to have much of an effect!

    Do remember to reconnect it for the MOT though...

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    i've jsut pulled the pin out as was stopping me fitting to my woodcraft clip ons

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