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Thread: hello all from a newbie

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    hello all from a newbie

    Hello, I am more than likely going to buy an 02 rsvr or an 03 (both are at a dealership, 02 slipon can 4,600 miles rearsets $7,000, 03 8,300 miles full akropvic exhaust moto gp rearsets $8000) tomorrow and wanted to ask if there is a year preference for these second gen rsvr's, also wondering what you guys think of the price?? I hear the radial brakes on the 03 are superior to the earlier models, are the significantly better??Anyway, thanks in advance for any input.....

    newbie dupek

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    Hi Dupek

    Buy anyone of them they are all good,sorry not much help i know ,but its late

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    Welcome to our humble hang-out. They're both pretty low mileage and, assuming similar condition, service history, etc., you might as well go for the later model or whichever colour you prefer (black is fastest by the way - ask anyone on here). Don't think the radial brakes will make that much difference - you'll not be diassapointed in the earlier brakes, I promise you.
    Check out all the stuff on here about starting proceedure, batteries and protecting the sprag starter clutch so you can avoid problems with your new baby from the start.
    Happy buying!
    PS. That full Akro system will be worth quite a bit so factor that into your buying decision.

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