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Thread: RUnning Hot - how do you guys search for 3 letter words?

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    RUnning Hot - how do you guys search for 3 letter words?

    like HOT, OIL, ICE, NUT, TPS, and many other important words. I'm having a hard time again while trying to search for Oil pressure which I'm having problem with the temprature, my oil level was min after servicing my clutch and I added oil and it went back up to max and then disappeared again. and my bike started running hot up to 238 degrees fahrenheit so I stopped it . I know there is oil in it and could it be dirty oil/ clogged up oil filter due to rubber pieces from torn up gasket? thanks

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    bit confusing this one, but heres my input.
    if the bike is getting hot (very hot) it could be bacause you have an airlock in the cooling system not allowing the water to circulate, this could cause the engine to overheat which will have an effect of burning oil , but with this scenario it would also smell hot.

    these engines run a dry sump lubricating system and you should never ever check the oil when cold, after the engine has been run for 20 minutes or so turn the engine off and immediately check the oil level, you should only ever fill it up to about 2/3rds the way up the site tube, never more.

    one other thought are your fans working and when was the coolant replaced ?

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    i had this problem, id changed oil and water got rid of airlocks all levels were fine, till i discovered the lefthand side fan was not working. i took it off and it had burnt out and was solid to move. £25.00 delivered off ebay, and great all working good temp keeps down and fans kick in only for a few seconds and knock the temp down fast!

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