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Thread: Immobiliser Problem

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    Immobiliser Problem

    Was looking forward to taking the bike ('04 RSV1000R) out today and blowing away a few cobwebs - it's been tucked up in the garage for the last 3 months. It's been on an Oxford trickle charger, so I expected the battery to be OK, but the health indicator on the battery charger was showing low . Anyway, I reset the charger and the battery is now fully charged, but the red key immobiliser light on the dash is on constantly with the ignition switch off. When I turn the ignition on the bike will not turn over on the starter at all, so it seems possible that the immobiliser has somehow wiped itself and is failing to recognise the code in the keys. I have both original keys, but I fear that I may have to get the bike to a dealer to get the immobiliser codes reset using the dealer red master key. Anyone know what's causing the immobiliser problem and how it can be fixed?

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    hi av had botha and it seems a few other 04 rsv owners have with the immobiliser ecu, and bad connections on l/h side behind fairing, check these for corrosion

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    I had a similar problem on my rsv recently, and found it to be the battery, even though it was on trickle charge, there was not enough power to turn engine over, and solinode just clikking, put a car charger on it for 1 hour, and it was fine

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