I have just bought some rear sets from a guy he has them made to his spec.

They have stainless bolts the brackets for the fairing mounts
the levers are on stainless steel bearings both gear and brake levers
You can reroute the rear rear brake line round the swinging arm and use the orginal and I have used a large bore pipe as the fluid resivoir ( as my old track bike which worked ok.)

when I have got it fully fitted I will post more pics

The best bit was the price he was selling them to a dealer who was passing them out at 250 still cheap but you can get them from him direct for 150 which is alot better than any others.

He makes them for the 24hr indurance racers and he says you can bend and straigthen then once by using a scaffold pole but 2nd time they will snap any way here are the pics

You might be abble to see the polished swinging arm in the photos as well but I will post more pics when its all done