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Thread: Servicing Question

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    Servicing Question


    My 07 RSV needs an annual service. It's done 4000 miles or so, and this will be its second service since new - I think this is classified as a "minor" service. Question is, how much should I be paying (I'm in the South of England).

    What dealers to people recommend in the Hampshire / Dorset area?

    Has anyone used a non Aprilia franchised dealer for their servicing?

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    Mate, give Griff a PM (user name Fusebox) and see when he's going to be down here. He's one of the top Aprilia experts in the country (so he says, anyway!) and is going on tour this year. I'll be having a bit of work done, as will a few other blokes around here (Hants/Wilts).

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    Try Ian at IDM Motorcycles. Based in Verwood Dorset. Ian used to race an RSV in the MRO and is a really nice guy and reasonable prices too. Plus the bonus is, I trust his work my 2000 RSVR is in with him at the moment for a full service/valve check etc.

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    Theres also the dealership in Wareham. I'm having mine done next Friday, the price of the second service is 260 with them but im having the first one done again as the recipt for the first seems a bit cheap.

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    The cost of the 4500 mile ( pre 03.5 bikes ) or 6000 mile service on the newer 04 onwards RSVR and factory should be somewhere around 150. The major 9000 mile or 12000 mile service on later bikes including valve check is around 350.

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