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Thread: Titanium EPROM

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    Question Titanium EPROM

    Yes its another eprom question. ive searched on chip/ eprom but cant find an answer and when i search on titanium i get 12 pages of exhaust posts!

    It says RSV TITANIUM on the eprom sticker, the chip is mounted on its own pcb which locates on the original chip holder.

    my bike is a 2002 RSVR with SATO race can, aprilia filter mod with standard airbox (although 'Hooked' kit arriving next week).

    i found this comment about the RSC Titanium
    (whats RSC then? is that what i have?)

    RSC Titanium 0x2899AD
    "Not all that different than the SL-Carbon. Good performance, maybe not as sharp a throttle response as the SL-Carbon in the midrange?"

    any advice comments on this chip?
    Do the CO adjuster pots work?
    Is it good and worth keeping, especially with 'Hooked' kit?
    i have a feeling (guess) that it is a bit rich at high revs, but exhaust baffle seems clean enough when i inspect after a weeks riding (mostly motorway)

    looking forward to the advice

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    Keep it
    Co trimpots are activated

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    so i wont be needing a dr rossi chip then

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