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Thread: clutch fluid

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    clutch fluid

    Had a day of tinkering today, last weekend i decided to bleed my clutch for the first time. Just used normal method of opening nipple, sqeezing lever, closing etc. worked quite well.
    The old fluid that came out was the colour of oxtail soup so guess it was well overdue to be done.

    Noticed today that the fluid in master cylinder, after a weeks use, is as black as it was before...? Gave it a good flushing and cleaned out master cylinder when bled

    Any ideas ?
    Cheers chaps

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    The colour change is down to heat , the slave cylinder gets quite hot being directly mounted to the engine - well thats my understanding anyhoo

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    excellent, so nothing to worry about then. Thought it may have popped a seal somewhere and was being contaminated by oil or something.
    Cheers fella

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    lees rsv
    They all do it mate dont worry i change mine all the time and still after a few rides it dark

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    In fact the reason why is because the Slave seal is black and thus with time causes the fluid of which is forcing under controlled pressure to aquaint the same colour.
    Methodologies have been spoken about in placing divers grease on the above seal to aid with lubrication and to stop the fluid from turning a undesirable colour.

    ps U got nothing to worry about my old mucker, they all do it.

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    Had it for over a year now and still getting used to some of the more unusual Italian traits !

    Thanks again lads

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