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Thread: Barnett clutch

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    Barnett clutch

    Has anyone used the barnett clutch's on ebay, mines on its way out. I know some bits on there are cheap etc for a reason so dont wanna have to be buying another one in 2 months. thats all, cheers

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    cant speak of a Barnett clutch in an APE but fitted one to my R1. but in all honesty unless you are going to do loads of trackdays or a really hard charger its a little bit over the top.
    Sure they will last but the take up is more agressive, stick with standard or EBC :-)

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    Ive just in the middle of changing my clutch and was quite impressed with the OEM stuff I reckon the steels needed roughing up a bit and the springs changing.

    I bought the uprated Tuono springs in the end from Timemachine bikes.

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    if ya go for a barnett make sure its the later design one

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    yep, they changed the spec of the clutch due to excessive clutch drag on the earlier design. The later clutch pack comes with revised steels i believe

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