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Thread: Loctite 648

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    Loctite 648

    Hi Guys,

    Well after successfully replacing sprag clutch (for BMW type) with assistance from A303 (cheers for the tools, will get them back in post tomorrow) I now have 50 ml - 6 drops of loctite 648 if anyone needs any! As far as replacing sprag, it was pretty straight forward thanks to the instructions on here. Made it a lot easier with a bike lift to get the bike up to head height!

    Just PM me if you need any loctite and I can decant some for you.


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    Nice gesture Chris.
    Glad you got it done OK.

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    A Job well done I would say :-)..................I now have 1800 miles on my BMW sprag and so far (touching something wooden) no problems

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    My sprag clutch has also seen it's days and needs to be replaced. So BMW parts is the way to go for this? Is it just the sprags i have to change or do i have to change the drive gear also?
    Can someone link me the parts i need for this?

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