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    New owner

    Hi, got an RSV1000r (2004) and dead happy. Use it to go to work...and pleasure. It was/is REALLY clean from the Two Wheel Centre in Mansfield Woodhouse. Never been that fussed about keeping bikes clean but I would like to keep this one as I bought it. Been biking for hundreds of years but how do you clean a bike? This is not a daft question; I really want to know!

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    Hi mate and welcome

    Bucket of soapy water will do for a start

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    welcome mate

    i have always used star drops cause it has no salt in it . fairy liquid etc is laced with salt . or you can buy car shampoo but star drops is from the pound shop and guess what its a pound lol.

    to get chain lube/wax off wheels use pledge just wipes off dead easy but not on my wheels (see my garage) i use maguires all metal polish from halfords . use warm water and sponge not preasure washer as it goes in bearings etc never wet the clocks on an rsv as they will look like a misty morning every day ;-) .

    towel dry everything when done then turtle wax/autoglym/or what ever works for you and your colour really .. take off the rear indicator covers as they get water behind them and then the silver coating comes off .. ALWAYS TAKE WATCH/RINGS OFF first rule of bike club haha

    hope thats not too anal for ya

    ps before you lock your garage give your bike a hug lol
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    slooking good; especially the crap of the swinging arm. What about the brake dust on front and rear wheels? Does any one WD40 the lot after cleaning (worked for me but is it Aprilia friendly?) Don't have a garage so keep the beast under a cover... is this good? Oh. yes; just a thort... It wouldn't start tother day so I charged battery up and fine. Would a 12v solar charger keep it up to speed (not through running the engine; its not a hybrid; kinell 150mph on a 12v solar cell). Oh yes; and another thing; took the girlfriend out on it the other day and it was much more settled and 'comfy'; she's about 8 st so how would I adjust the suspension as if she wasn't there? Without dumping her off the back

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    Welcome mate Wow , ANOTHER Ian G*** how many we got now?

    I always use WD40 to wipe the wheels etc, gets rid of any chain lube and leaves wheels with a nice shiny look ( obviously don't get it near tyres or brakes)

    Also I buy it in a 5 Litre drum (about 20 ish with free sprayer) and use it for cleaning ( de-greasing) the nooks and crannies round the engine.

    Smokes like hell if you get it on the exhaust pipes tho'

    Other than that Pledge or Mr Sheen spray or wipes are your best friend for an easy quick clean.


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    WD40 seems to attact more dirt which seems to get ingrained in the gold wheels. Ive started using Muc-Off for the wheels and Pledge for everything else.
    Yep rear indicators also attract water, I teke 'em off and dry them with kitchen roll.

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