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Thread: ASV Levers & Brembo Master Cylinders !!

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    Question ASV Levers & Brembo Master Cylinders !!

    Looking for some advice/reassurance here guys... I fitted my nice new ASV levers over the weekend but am a bit concerned that I may not have re-seated the replacement plunger/pin errrr thingys properly

    I followed the instructions to the letter - obviously - but I'm just concerned that although the pin(s) sit in a recess in the lever(s) itself all that seems to hold the other end in place in the actual master cylinder is a rubber boot ... I tried and tried to find a hole - ooo err missus - for the pin to sit in actually in the cylinders but without success

    Any thoughts/advice

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    ask viper. i think he's got some on his beast

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    Hi there

    If you are worried about the "pin" or operating rod falling out then my advice is......don't. The rods are held in place by the lever housing, this has a recess as you correctly identified and cant come out unless you release the lever retaining bolt and nyloc nut that is an allen head (Black on my Silver brembo unit).

    Don't happy



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    As above mate, they wont fall out. I have done over 1k miles with these levers and they are the mutts.

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    Cheers fellas

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