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Thread: exhaust question

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    exhaust question

    ive got a weird obsession with having twin cans.
    as my mille is a 01, is it possible to put twin cans on it?
    as in use a later system? as off of a 04 onwards bike?

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    Use Falco headers and Mille cans.

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    There are twin can setups for your year bike, you just have to keep your eyes open - do you want high-level i.e. horizontally in line with the top fairing, or normal "low-level" cans that follow the line of the standard cans?

    Look in the Bike Pictures, I've just converted my 02 to twin cans.

    You'll have to cut the fairing on the near-side for a lower-level system, or perhaps not

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    there is a set of twin renegade cans on ebay . but the second link pipe goes over the rear wheel . if any good to ya

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    I have some Falco headers for sale if your interested mate, cheers

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