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Thread: what temp do the fans come on !?

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    what temp do the fans come on !?

    & how hot is too hot !?

    just curious... commuting in London yeserday & today from Leytonstone to Chelsea & vice versa... temp is generally 78-82 degrees... hope this is good for very slow moving traffic !?

    also... once off 'cold'... is it then safe to ride away... its generally on 43 degrees !?

    ps will have lots of other silly questions coming... lol !!

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    Yeah, fans cut in about 94 degrees - rarely get them on though (I live in the country). I always try and warm mine up before I ride it as it tends to stall if not. You can move off with the fast-idle on if you need to. Your traffic temp sounds OK to me.

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    phew... thanks guys !!

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    mine went to 96 at traffic lights and the fans didn't start. but normally runs at 76

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    Pretty much the same. Ambient temp below 18C open road temp of the engine 76 - 77 ish.

    When the fans are switched on your knees will know

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    pointer rsv
    mine kicks in at 95 and runs at 74

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    thanks guys... im still waiting for my fans to come on... highest its gone so far is 92 degrees... & that was crawling along @ a snails pace in non-moving bumper to bumper traffic because of demonstrations in parliment square !!

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    normal running 74-76, fans kick in at 94

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    mine kick in at 80c normal running 79-83c

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    they are pretty sensitive to correct amount of oil and coolant, as i found out in Germany recently!! was at 115 c WITH fans on

    Turns out i had a small crack in the reservoir!! Luckily, the guy who ran the hotel GAVE me his!! I've sent him some cash to replace bloke!

    So, check your levels if it starts running hot!!!!

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