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    Two questions

    Due for reboot on 04 factory and wondered if any advantage by going up a size to 190 besides increasing my ball size at local meet.More serious note,when eying my bike at dealers it had 3500 on clock,when collected on day it had zero explanation given battery disconnected and this happens.Is this the case coz if so what the ??ck is the genuine mileage?

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    Your bike is one of a batch affected by faulty clocks that reset if the batt was disconnected for any period.

    Most got sorted under warranty at the time but if that one slipped through there is little you can do now other than keep proof of mileage (mot's etc).

    Regards the tyres, personal preference. 190 weighs a fair bit more and depending on profile steers a bit slower but has a slightly bigger contact patch, lasts a bit longer.

    Your choice.

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    Don't bother mate - 180 much better in all respects.

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