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Thread: Speedo problems still - rear disc bolts??

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    yea water for sure..I had the same a new sensor from fleabay for 20..

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    thanks guys.just took it off this morning rubber cracked around the wiring so was water getting in.will go and have a look on ebay.

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    Glad its the sensors that pack up and not the dash...last week mine failed to register any speed, then worked intermittently- before returning to working as normal! Gonna check the sensor and connections this weekend.

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    Hi, i have had issues with my speedo, one minute i was doing 474mph then it was on 0 then i was on 134 but now i have changed my sensor but it seems to be out. I was doing around 30 yesterday and the clock said i was doing 55mph. I was following soneone through a speed camera so i hope they were doing 30 lol. Any ideas??

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    Quote Originally Posted by OZMILLE View Post
    Hey guys

    Finally got around to changing the titanium bolts back to the originals, and HEY PRESTO the speedo is all good and working again.

    CHEERS to all that helped, yet another reason this forum is so f&%king GREAT.


    Newbie here but just had a similar issue after fitting drilled Ti brake rotor bolts!

    I'm assuming the sensor is of the "hall" type?

    Would it read from two 180* bolts to pulse the speedo sensor?

    Thinking I may Araldite a couple of ferrous "pips" into the dish of the Ti bolts (had an MK Indy Fireblade engined kit car that had an ETB dash that also used a similar hall sensor on the prop!)

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