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Thread: Parts on Fleabay.

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    Parts on Fleabay.

    Hi,just recieved a 150 amp solenoid from Adam,who had the Aprilia Dealer at Leigh until recently.His website is Apriliarider.The difference is a much bigger kick on start up.Away for the NorthWest 200,I noticed not being on my trickle charger,a slight delay on start up.Even though a recent 13.5 amp battery is fitted and I was covering 200 miles a day.The negative side of the solenoid had been getting hot and was melting the rubber boot.So,even if you have fitted a larger battery I would still change to the new updated,higher output solenoid.That weedy 50amp is not up to it!Regards AL

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    Good to hear Al , I just bought 2x 150amp solenoids from him on ebay, thought this would be the cure for the limp action of the 50 amp one. I wonder why they put those crap 50amp ones on there when in the official manual it says they are equiped with 100amp solenoids Surley Aprilia got supplied a load of the wrong ones and just thought stuff it lets get the bikes out with what we have Anyway this is an easy fix, its just hard to find anything bigger than a 70amp (which I have used & still not good enough) in NZ without having to go with a much larger unit.

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