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Thread: How much would I get for my Akro full system?

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    How much would I get for my Akro full system?

    How much would I get for my Akro full system on my 02 RSV-R?

    It's a twin titanium system with steel downpipes.

    They're not mint but can be seen the pictures below (hopefully):

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    seen them range from about 250 to maybe 550 on the bay but it all depends on so many factors - if you have the ad worded right and it hapnes to be an ocasion that a bunch of people are all looking at the same time for a set then its sure fire you'll get a lot - the opposite is true too (ALWAYS PUT A RESERVE ON EM or you'll be dissapointed if you hit the lul in the market). Why do you want to get rid of em? you selling the bike?

    I bought set of stainless Akro headers for mine last year off the bay for about 100 odd squids with a ding in them - as a guide.


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    If you decide to sell and if you have a price in mind PM me please.

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    darren smith
    i paid 420 for mine off ebay and i thought they were a bargain.

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    PM Sent dolenc.

    Thanks for the tips guys. Love you all.

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    forgot to say. the carbon hangers come with it but i need some of the springs to put my original system back on. The rest will come with it.

    Tha carbon hangars (think they're akro not sure) are very mint as they were new when iout them on the bike in apr (ish)

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    I'm really really interested but won't have the money till around the end of July, will PM you with an offer.

    If it's not enough please feel free to tell me to get stuffed!

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    Look at my horrible exhaust. eeeeewwwww. So how much are Power Commander 3's worth? Only that to go then the bike's for sale. No idea what they go for.

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    pc's with all the bits go for around 125 to 160 on the bay, depending on which way the wind is blowing and whether it sthe beginning of the month when people have been paid, or towards the end when everyone is skint.

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    cool. Will offer it on here first. Any takers?

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