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Thread: fuel tank

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    fuel tank

    I have had the tank off my bike for 6+months I recently (last weekend) had finished with some repairs and tried to re install the tank. It would not go. I could get everything hooked up to the fuel pump but I was unable to push the rear of the tank down far enough to install the 4 bolts that hold the bracket in. My tank is plastic or nylon whatever the 03 mille has that wasn't metal. SO what I did was remove the lower subframe bolts and pivoted the subframe up to where with the 2 front bolts of tank installed i could then install the 4 on the bracket. Then I pushed the subframe back down to screw in the bottom bolts. I plan on leaving it like this for a couple of more days. What I am hoping (and kinda asking is) that the tank will stretch (for lack of a better word) or reshape itself to fit properly or do I just need a new tank.

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    hey king dan . the nylon tanks do swell some. I had to do the same thing so when i take my tank off for track day same metod as you .as far as goining back to normal mine has yet to do it .you can open up the holes good luck d

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    Thanks I just wanted to know that I wasn't alone.

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