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    Fuel Light

    Reading the tome that tells me how to ride my scooter, it says that when the fuel light comes on I have 4 litres of fuel left. Is that from permanently on or from when it starts blinking occasionaly. If it's the latter, I may be in trouble this evening

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    I dont know how much fuel is still left, but I do know that when it first starts blinking I can get atleast 50km from it, then I start praying

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    You need a solid light before you start sweating.....There are alot of variations on tank range...but have had a Mille and RSVR and both struggled to get past 90 miles before I felt the need to slop more petrol in the bugger!...They're not the most fuel efficient vehicle out there!

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    Sometimes the light will come on under braking or even going down hill. I had it flick on as I was queueing up for the last session at Cadwell the other day but still got a good 20 minutes thrash out of it.
    People report anything from 80-140 miles before it comes on - I soon as I see it, I head for the nearest petrol station.

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