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Thread: Bought it - Used it -Rating it

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    Bought it - Used it -Rating it

    hi guys - im starting this post in realation to what Eeza said in a post in what "how tos" would you like to see?

    i thought that he was right and what a great idea in regards to a buying guide

    so i thought that it would be a good idea to start a post -

    i'm thinking that if members did a short brief description of what they bought , where they bought it and at what price they paid along with there views on the product pros and cons - it would be like Eeza said a consumer / information guide

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    Well here's my 2p worth. I bought my bike in Spring 2008.

    Well I had been looking for ages for a nice one in my price bracket and here it is.

    Picked it up from 10 miles north of Stirling on a cold April night, I was working during the day and couldn’t get away until 3 in the afternoon so a coach ride (Train was full: Bank Holiday weekend + West Coast mainline closures = Trauma)
    I Got to Waverly station and picked up a Train to Stirling, Jeff bless him picked me up and we went to collect the bike.

    By this time its just about 930 and the light is fading fast. We do the deal and its 10 oclock.

    Now as a rule I “Get caught out in the dark rather than plan to ride at night” so have not done a great deal of mileage at night.

    I get on this bike and am first blown away by the sound of the standard Can, Bloody hell its noisy, good job I remembered my ear plugs.

    Ok I am gingerly making my way towards the Kincardine Bridge and really enjoying the ride.

    Fill it up with Petrol, It has a warning light when your down to the last 4 litres but no gauge. I did ask how far a tank gets and Jeff told me a good 120 + 40 on reserve. Now I wasn’t sure just how many stations would be open so I figured I could make it to Berwick where there is a Service area.

    I have never ridden a V twin and so was just tootling along.

    Gets to the service station and filled up £9.80 so that’s just about 80 miles so not bad at all.

    I leave what’s left of my McDonalds chicken and head south on the A1.

    This may be the main Arterial route to Scotland on the East coast but North of Newcastle its mostly a single carriage road, this doesn’t matter to me because its 1145 and there is only me and a few truckers on the road.

    I can feel the cold now and am glad I packed my fleece to wear on top of my Leathers. Just north of Morpeth a creature runs in the road right in front of me, In a split second I grab at the brakes and stomp on the rear brake. I can feel the bike moving under me, not wild but slewing left to right. I let go and the animal makes a hastily retreat. At that moment I knew I REALLY liked this bike, I made a pact with it. I will look after you and your going to take care of me.

    Right now I can hear my wife’s words echoing in my ears “What’s wrong with a bike shop? Why buy a bike 200 miles away”

    I dismiss these thoughts and relax a little. Remember when you first started riding and you had the bars in a death grip. You know the feeling, Its like you have been hanging onto a trapeze for an hour. Well that’s how I feel now.

    Not far to go I can see the light pollution from Newcastle in the distance and it’s a good sight.

    45mins later I am cruising around the entrance of my drive I have turned off the engine and am coasting so as not to wake the neighbours’, to late Caron tells me “you could hear that thing coming up the hill”.

    I put it away and tap the tank, thanks for a great and safe ride.

    Got it out for a clean the following morning and it looks every inch the bargain it was, 2003 / 53., One owner (58) 7500 miles full service History (1) and looking very nice.

    So the fettling starts, I have replaced the filthy brake fluid and have flushed out the clutch, check out the colour of the reservoir fluid.

    Will I buy a bike like this again you bet !


    Over the following weeks and months I became more familiar with the power delivery and now love it.

    I bought my 2003 example from Scotland for just about 3K and rode the bugger home nearly 200 miles

    The Pre 2003 model is a physically large / tall bike so shorties need not apply.

    Of the known problems these bikes have my 8K example has been through two batteries and a speed sensor. I get no issues with the clocks resetting as the bike lives on an Optimate all the time.

    The build quality is as good as any bike I have had and every time I leave it parked up I look back at it with pride.

    These bikes are assembled with some of the most beautifully crafted parts you can find and then they pour in some Italian Electrics at the factory - Enough said.

    The engines would appear to be very reliable and strong, Sprag starter clutches cause problems only where an owner does not follow the well defined starting procedure OR a duff battery is allowed to stress the starter.... Use your loaf when changing the oil and its no problem. Basic servicing is not beyond a keen owner IMHO

    A replacement 14A Battery usually sorts the main problem and while your at it a Yamaha starter relay is a direct replacement. (I have not done this as I have no issues)

    Service History is as important as it is on ANY bike (if that’s what floats your boat)

    I would say that I buy bikes based on there overall condition. You cant hide a hard life just look at Ron Wood....

    The rear brake on the 98-03 bikes were useless when they left the factory and 5 or 6 years later there no better......

    So far my bike has been very reliable, my cost of ownership is small as its one of 3 bikes I have. Its comfy on a run and really does respond well to a good rider (not me then)

    I think that’s about it for me......

    In short, Stunning, Classy and like all Italians it has character by the arm full
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    spot on Eeza --

    mine at the moment is limited on what ive bought as the missus has spent fook loads on her new blade all i got was new tyres

    but here's mine for starters

    bridgestone BT014'S

    bought from lancaster honda

    priced at £210.00 for the pair

    excellent grip and- and superb in the wet - puts most dunlops to shame in my opinion - but hey thats my opinion - good tyre life and great feed back - inspires lots of confidence

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    Ngk iridium plugs
    cost about a fiver each
    and seemed to smooth things out a little
    well worth the money

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