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    Was thinking today, how my bike has been made worse by so called professional dealers.
    Had to use a vat registered one to keep the warranty..

    Had fork seals replaced, now they're rock hard with no movement despite putting everything to minimum..

    Paid for new chain and sprockets at 21,000 when original worn out, now find the new ones totally shot at 23,000, on looking they've put a new chain on what looks like the original old front sprocket and just changed the rear sprocket which I supplied..(hard to prove)

    When I had the bike recently serviced, the guy who did it, found the air filter was an old after market type that was so badl he reckoned it'd been in years, but I'd paid 350 for a full service at a well known Leeds dealer who'd supposedly changed the filter for an original one.. (on both services done there)

    So, the moral..If you can do it, do it yourself as you'll be sure it's done..

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