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Thread: trim pots & engine revs

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    trim pots & engine revs

    at what revs does the trim pots stop taking effect, I think its 4k & above,just need to confirm

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    Read this Guys !!

    Regarding the operation of the idle trimmers – the adjustable pots on the front of the ECU that allow you to adjust the idle mixture. This was also based on a somewhat poor result I’d had tuning an RSV some months earlier, where I had suspicions about the trimmers being an influence in that result. From what I’ve been told or read, the trimmers affect the mixture up to about 4,000 RPM at WOT and not above. I decided to test this, which I did by simply winding both the trimmers to full lean and then back to full rich with a couple of runs at each setting.

    The results, compared to the previous runs where one trimmer was approximately 45 degrees lean and the other approximately 80 degrees rich (out of 140 or so possible degrees of travel either side of the mid point) are shown below. As was is green, full lean is red and full rich is blue. The runs were done consecutively with the Aprilia 8796495 eprom without turning the ignition off. Power first, then torque and air/fuel.

    A very clear result, from which I would conclude that, unless you test and prove otherwise, it’s safe (or just best) to assume that, for an eprom with the idle trimmers enabled, the idle trimmers can and do affect the mixture over the whole RPM range.

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    on my RSV 02... how do i know what the Trimpots preset was (if they are active on mine?)... incase someone has been playing around with them not knowing what they are doing... or maybe they had been set too the previous tune by a dyno guy... which the tune has now changed... as my A/F is all over the place & my MPG seems crap as i spend most of my commuting time below 5000rpms... lol !?

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    Stock is both at 12 a clock

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    thank you... il have a look @ mine alittle later !!

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    Unless your eprom activates the Trim pots to which there is only about 4
    I know of that do then they want work if you play with them . They regulate the injector timing by either slowing it down / leaning or speeding it up /richen the fueling & are mainly used for idle fine tuning along with the bleed screws in the throttle bodys

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    Which way do the trim pots turn to lean or richen ?

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