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Thread: Leaking Wheels?????????

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    Leaking Wheels?????????

    Came back to my bike today, to discover that both tyre pressures were almost 0, it was only 2 weeks ago since i put air in them, and its been ongoing since i had my bike, so, my question is, does anyone else suffer this on their brembo wheels, or is it just shite powder coating on mine thats letting the air leak out over time

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    it maybe just the valves need changing mate

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    Yeah spray some gasleak on them Andi M8 to see if its coming from there.

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    My Brembos seem pretty airtight. Think you might be on the right track looking at the powder coating. If there's any rough patches on it it could let air out - I'm often having problems with alloy wheels on cars where they corrode and start letting air out. A rough coating surface would have the same effect, especially if it's been butchered by a tyre fitter. Check the valves as well.

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    Mine where leaking from the valve rubber seal on the inside of the wheel ,when i got my tyres off i just put a tap washer on the back instead of the standard thin washer. They now stay at the right psi within reason, all alloys leak due to contraction but mine now stay good for 2 weeks ish .. I check em every week anyway ...

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    I had a similar problem not to long ago with my front tyre. It was going down rapidly sometimes while riding but was not consistant, at first i thought i had a puncher but after further investigation it turned out to be the valve. All i did was brought a new valve unscrewed the internal part and used that as the replacment, problem sorted.

    The little return spring on the valve gets nackered over time and doesnt seal properly.

    Im going to buy another and do the rear wheel for peice of mind.

    Give that a go mate, get them off ebay for about 2.00

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    This was a topic raised last year. Most people found it occurred after a high speed dash (on private roads of course). The 'fix' was to fit right-angled valve caps know, those 90 degree jobbies). This was because centrifugal force was causing the valve core to be forced up - therefore causing air loss. The cause was cheap valves! Either change the valves for good quality ones or the 90 degree jobbies. I know which route I've gone down.

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