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Thread: poss clutch prob

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    poss clutch prob

    watcha fellow bikers had my beaut of a bike ( rsv mille 2002 ) on the rear paddock stand after doin a service,had the bike runnin in first for a while to warm the oil,pulled in the clutch to disengage the gear but noticed the rear wheel still turnin as if in gear ( did try to stop it turnin with my foot but very difficult ) is this the norm or is the clutch not disengaging properly.......any helpers please

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    The clutch plates do drag slightly on these bikes due to them having oil sprayed on them continuously. But you should be able to stop the wheel spinning with your foot.

    Couple of things to check:

    Are you getting full travel on your lever?

    Does your clutch fluid need changing?

    Have you bled your clutch recently?

    Have you don the 40 jet mod yet? (Do a forum search)

    If all these are fine then you could have warped plates or another issue, could!!

    Start with the easy one and bleed the clutch

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