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Thread: Clutch and Front brake lever

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    Unhappy Clutch and Front brake lever

    Gday All,
    Any one have any ideas for aftermarket levers in the UK,down here the genuine article costs and arm and a leg.
    Today I watched in horror as my F@#%$+g bike fell off its side stand at a petrol station, lucky I had oggy knobs..........first time ever in my life of riding,....I was stunned.
    Anyway I thought about ebay uk , what does the group think.

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    Am sorry to hear that mate. A guy on ebay is selling both in silver or black for 25 + p&p. I have a set for trackdays and they good for the price.

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    Beware of some aftermarket ones they can cause serious issues such as spitting you off the bike.

    Best to take this as an opportunity to upgrade to some Pazzos or ASV's.

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    Pattern brake levers are a no no, there have been plenty of cases where they have locked up the front and had people off, my advice is don't use them, fine if you go for Pazzo etc etc. but DO NOT use pattern stuff for your front brake

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    got ASV on mine only 140 for the pair

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    oh dear another brake lever thread!!!!!!

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    ASV are very nice, I managed to find a pair on ebay for 75, bargain!

    If you want OEM one's, you can get them at a lower price on ebay. I've found DK's ebay shop useful.
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